What you’re missing when your business only has a Facebook page?

1. If a customer is browsing the web and they come across a link for your business and it’s a link to your Facebook page, did you know they NEED a Facebook account to view your page?

2. Competition on Facebook is more fierce than your website and getting it ranked!  Plan on months of socializing on Facebook a few hours each day in order to get your name out there and paying money to advertise as well!

3.  You control nothing on Facebook.  Not the user experience, not the colors, not the fonts, really not much.  Pretty much everyone’s Facebook Business page looks the same.  Yes they have templates now, but we all have the same colors, fonts, etc.  With only a few layouts and HOW MANY businesses on Facebook, you still look just like them.

4. Facebook is a great way to get people to your business, but how do you keep them coming back?  Does Facebook offer any kind of email campaigns or marketing?  Nope, they don’t, but your website can!

Don’t get us wrong, we really think Facebook is great and most businesses should be utilizing it, BUT and a big BUT here, a website is more important and will do so much more for you than a Facebook page can.  In the end, if you have them both, they can link together and work together and create you a great ROI!

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