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Social Media Marketing Applications For Every Business!

Did you know there are more than 50 Social Media platforms?!?!  I’m going to share my top favorites, but click here to view the rest.  Click here to view the statistics of the top 7.

facebook social media marketing


 This is free and something every business should have!  Please remember you should still have a website, because if you only have a Facebook page, people without a Facebook account can’t view your page and you don’t want to loose potential customers because of that!  Click here to read more about this

Pinterest social media marketing


This platform is huge and can be used by so many types of businesses and it’s free too!  If you own a restaurant you could post photos of your foods, if you’re a recipe blogger you can share your recipes, if you’re a fitness/health coach you can post your exercises, if you’re a home builder you can post images of the homes you’ve built and their rooms, a hairdresser can post their cuts and colors, wedding planner can post their designs, a wedding venue can post images of their venue and past weddings.  The list can go on forever!  Click here to sign up your business.

Social Media Marketing YouTube


This platform is owned by Google and if you have a Google Business listing, then you’re one step closer to being able to setup a branded account for YouTube!  YouTube is it’s own serach platform and similar to a blog in that people can comment and ask questions about the topics you discussed in your video!  YouTube is great if you enjoy teaching people how to paint, sew, crotchet, cook, learn about the computer, how to style their hair or outfits, how to style their homes and so much more!  Click here to create a YouTube Channel for your business!

Instagram social media marketing


This is also free and owned by Facebook.  If you have a Facebook Business page, you can link the two together!  Did you know that both offer a “Shop” feature as well, which is great if you want to sell your items online!  Click here to learn about Instagram ShopClick here to learn about Facebook Shop

Houzz social media marketing


If you your a home builder, carpenter, landscaper, interior designer or home furnishing dealer, you should get on Houzz.  It’s completely free and this is where homeowners go to find products and inspiration for their homes.  Click here to setup a Free Houzz Pro account.

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