Your website may look good to you on your computer, tablet and phone, but does it for everyone else?

1. Internet Browsers – these are Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer – those are the major ones.  Did you know that your site CAN look different on each browser?  By different, this is a nice word for “broken”.  Just because you are using Google Chrome, doesn’t mean that all future customers are?  How to Test Your Site?  Click Here! Be sure to test EVERY page.

2. Your website says it’s mobile & tablet friendly.  That doesn’t mean it’s going to appear perfect for you on every single type of mobile device.  Remember, not ALL mobile devices and tablets share the same screen size, some are extremely large and others are kind of small and therefore things will become cutoff and distorted.

How to Test Your Site? Use your families devices if they are all different.  Be sure to test EVERY page.

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