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Web Design and Redesign

Together, we will design or redesign a website that you’re proud of, that achieves your goals, and will connect to your target market(s). Our websites are built to be mobile, tablet, PC friendly, user friendly and, most importantly, matches how you are branded!

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Designing a website should be fun and not stressful for both the web designer and business owner.  We begin the task by asking you simple questions to help us understand your goals and what you want to achieve.

We then discuss SEO and help you understand what it means. We’ll review what keywords are, what Google & Bing Business listings do and how to use them.  Weblast Marketing will make you aware of how analytics can help your business grow.  Understanding SEO and web marketing is key to business success.  During our meeting, live demonstrations will be provided so we can assist with any questions you may have.

We will make sure your website is 100% responsive; meaning, it appears properly on different sized mobile devices, tablets and computer screens.

If you’re redesigning a site, we will make sure we capture all the content you want to implement on the new site.  From blog posts, to images, to subscribers, we won’t leave anything behind or delete it unless you want to!  Most importantly, we will create a backup of the old site!


Many factors are involved when determining the cost to build a new website or redesign one.  My rate is $60/hr and a simple one or two page website can cost between $600-$800.

What is considered simple? You will not be offering to sell anything online, you have all the content written, but I will need to modify for SEO, you have high quality photos, you have looked at comparitive sites to know what you are wanting in regards to layout and colors!

To be the most prepared, I have created a questionairre form to help you and I!  CLICK HERE

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is NOT magic!  Ever wonder how a business gets listed on page 1 for specific keywords/search terms when doing a search on GoogleBing, or Yahoo?  Well, it’s due to good SEO.  Do you know where your site ranks for its keywords?

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Not all businesses need or want SEO,  as their sites aren’t selling anything or the owner isn’t looking to gain hits. This is a rare situation and one that most businesses should refrain from.

If you’re a new business, SEO is going to be very important, because you want people to find you; you want your business to succeed and not fail.  There are many forms of SEO and we assist with them all and even provide you with a list of things you can do on the web to help!

We give you access to your dashboards and even send you weekly or monthly reports that show you what pages are being viewed the most, what keywords aka search terms your site is being found for, and even how many times your site has been accessed or phone has been called!


This has a monthly cost of $375 and is only for Local SEO.  CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE SEO ASSESSMENT


Other Marketing Avenues

We want to connect you to the local community and make them aware of who you are, what you do and what services you offer!  We can help with the “word of mouth” scenario that is very much neglected. Examples include: press releases to local magazines and newspapers, distributing menus business to business, Chamber enrollment, open house coordination and more! We also are able to create other promotional marketing material too; menus, rack cards, postcards and more!


Offering Web Design, SEO, Website Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Website Training. Located in Kalispell Montana, Keene NH and Ocala Florida, but serving businesses throughout the US.

Creating Online Success One Business at a Time:

We have a passion for web design and helping businesses market themselves, but we also know that in order to do an excellent job, we can't take on a ton of clients.  For that reason, we only allow ourselves to take on a small amount of clients each year!  Focus is Key!

Let Us Help You!

As a business owner, you've probably said time and time again, "I can do this", "I have to do this", "I didn't have time to do this".  With your online presence, you should not be saying those things.  Let us help you free up your time with trying to manage the marketing of your business!  From Web Design to Training, SEO and Social Media, we've got you covered!

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