A few easy things you can do to see how you’re website is performing!

1. SPEED – Nobody likes a slow website! A site that takes too long to load will typically result in the potential customer from getting inpatient and not waiting around for it to load!  There’s a free tool out there that EVERYONE can use, it’s called Pingdom. Just enter your sites address and click Start Test.  Wait a few moments for the report to come up and if your site scored and A and/or B, it’s doing pretty well.  If it didn’t score an A/B, make your web designer aware of what you did and see if they can help you obtain a better score.  If you designed the site yourself, but aren’t sure how to fix the issues, Weblast Marketing can help!  Contact us.

2. RESPONSIVE – Cell phones come in all different sizes, laptops and tablets too.  Ask your friends and family to look at your site on their devices and to make you aware of any words that get cut off or images that do as well. Id they report back to you with issues, let your web designer know and see if they can fix them for you!

4. INTERNET BROWSERS – Here is a short list of the most common internet browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge.   Now, did you know that your site can have a different appearance on all of them?  Not all browsers and computers are built the same and therefore not all website functionality is recognized or even fonts for that matter.  You should check your website and have your friends and family check your site on their computers too.  Send them a screenshot of what it looks like on your computer (how the site should look on all browsers) and ask them to see if it looks the same on their browser.  If it doesn’t, make sure they tell you the browser they were using to view your site and what didn’t appear the same in the screenshot you sent to them.  Then, let your web designer know and send them all the info you received!

When we build your website, before it goes live, we do each of the steps above before we say it’s finished!  We even ask you to look at it on your devices as well.

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