Your website looks amazing!  But, is it working for you?


An appealing website is a must!

You couldn’t be more happy with the look of your website!  You’ve asked friends and family to look at it too and they are nothing but complimentary!  You’re thinking this is great.

 It is great, your website should be nice to look at and easy to navigate.  But, your website should also be working for you…

Is your website bringing you new business?

A main purpose to most business for having a website is so that their business can be found on the web and they can obtain new clients.

Do you know if your website is doing that for you?  I don’t mean by typing in the name of your business…remember you want NEW business and these new clients won’t know your business name.

Do a search on the web for a keyword that relates to your business.  Example: web design Kalispell.

Try to search for ALL your keywords (what your business does or provides).  If you rank on page 1, your website is working for you!  If you rank on page 2, it’s working at like a B+ effort, but if it’s on any page after page 2, it’s going to receive an F.  It’s not working for you.

Is you website making you money?

If you have found that your site isn’t working for you, we can help!  We will provide you a free assessment of what’s missing as well as who your competitors are!  No obligation what-so-ever.

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